Servicing All of Snohomish County

Certified, In-Home Head Lice Removal

All-Natural Lice Treatment

Lice Genies is a mobile lice treatment company that offers in-home lice services for all of Snohomish County, Washington, and surrounding areas. Our lice treatment technicians will treat you and your family in the comfort and privacy of your home. End the itching and scratching with Lice Genies' all-natural method of lice removal.

Why Families Choose Lice Genies

Trained & Certified Professionals

We are certified in the Shepherd Methodâ„¢ of Strand by Strand Nit Removal. Our training and certification allow us to offer a safe, non-toxic approach to conquering head lice.

Safe, Chemical-Free Treatments

Our all natural, organic, and non-toxic treatment products are made from plant derivatives that are proven to be highly effective against both live lice and nits.

In-Home Head Checks & Removal

We discretely visit your home in unmarked vehicles to complete a head check and treatment if evidence of lice or nits is found, then provide you with prevention tactics for the future.

Dedication to Service

Lice Genies is dedicated to assisting families with their head lice removal and prevention needs. Learn more about Lice Genies training, certification and all natural products.

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