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About Lice Genies

Lice Genies is trained and certified in the Shepherd Method™.  We are an in-home head lice treatment company dedicated to applying our personal experience treating head lice to help other families find peace of mind. Our training and certification from the Shepherd Institute, which offers the only research, education, and treatment of head lice by a non-profit organization in the country, allows us to offer a safe, non-toxic approach to conquering head lice at a price that puts your family’s relief first.

Lice Genies was founded by Tammy Hanson, a mom who has seen the struggle of head lice firsthand. When trying to find an effective lice removal treatment for her own children, Tammy discovered the Shepherd strand-by-strand method. She soon realized she could help other families with the distress of head lice by becoming certified at the Shepherd Institute and offering what she learned to others. Lice Genies is dedicated to removing the stigma of head lice, spreading education, and helping other families end their own struggles with head lice.

All-Natural Products

Lice Genies uses all-natural, organic and non-toxic products. We use Lice Logic in our treatment process. Our treatment product is made from plant derivatives and is proven to be highly effective against both live lice and nits. We also sell Lice Logic and Nit Free products, along with the Terminator Lice Comb for preventive home use.

Help prevent your child from contracting head lice by using one or more of these products. Use mint shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week to avoid dry scalp and hair. Use a leave-in mint spritz daily and comb with a good lice comb a couple times a week for 3-5 minutes each time while in the shower or bath. We prefer the Terminator™ comb over any other lice comb available on the market. Its ridged prongs help catch the lice and nits, including those itty bitty babies.

Contact Lice Genies today to purchase our all-natural lice removal and prevention products. We can supply you with all the products you and your family will need to become and remain lice free.

Why Use Lice Genies?

Lice Genies are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method™ of strand-by-strand lice and nit removal. This treatment, which only uses safe, non-toxic products, is the only head lice removal treatment to fully withdraw all nits and lice in one treatment. One follow-up visit is included in the price to assure that no lice or nits (which can start the process all over again) remain.

By calling Lice Genies, you receive lice removal from trained professionals. We also provide our customers with prevention products for ongoing peace of mind. Our certified professionals ensure you don’t have to go through the hassle of home kits alone. Instead, call on Lice Genies for your solution to head lice removal.