Our Three-Step Process

Our three-step process treats and eliminates lice to help families and households enjoy relief.


If you believe you or a member of your family has been in contact with head lice, Lice Genies can provide immediate peace of mind with a screening evaluation. During a lice screening, we check heads to see if lice and nits are present. Only if we find a louse or nit, do we recommend that you proceed with treatment.


Having just a few lice or nits can escalate into a problem before you know it. To prevent this from happening, treatment is necessary as soon as we find a louse or nit in your or your child's hair. An average treatment takes about 2 hours, depending on the length and thickness of hair, amount of lice and nits, and the level of cooperation. We use only safe and effective products.


Included in our treatment plan, you will receive one free follow-up appointment, in which a full head check will be performed. This recheck visit is crucial to the treatment process.

Trained & Certified

Lice Genies' staff is trained and certified in The Shepherd Method™, which is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice. This treatment method utilizes a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. It incorporates many safety nets that ensure the hair has been checked and rechecked, allowing individuals to be treated effectively once and monitored afterwards. Although it's generally a long process, the Shepherd Method™ takes no shortcuts and effectively treats head lice.